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Emergency Dental Care

South Bend - Michiana

Oh, no! Your kid fell off the swings and chipped a tooth! You were munching popcorn at the movies and—crack—there went your crown on a sneaky kernel. You woke up this morning with a throbbing in your molar that just won’t stop.

When you need relief, comfort, and help in a dental emergency, turn to the caring team at Joseph Cochran, DDS. We always make every effort to see both existing and new patients the same day you call. After hours, patients can reach us by cell phone. Either way, you can count on the soothing help of our staff. If there has been a significant injury such as oral, jaw, or head trauma, please head to the nearest emergency room, but call us too! We can help guide and direct you in making the best choices for your wellbeing. If a tooth has been knocked out, be sure to save it! Just put it under your tongue or in a cup of milk and get to us ASAP. We can often save that tooth if you get to us soon enough.

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Bring the shine back to your smile with Cosmetic Dentistry services from Joseph Cochran DDS!

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The Restorative Dentistry services at Joseph Cochran DDS can help reverse the effects that life has had on your oral health!