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Fluoride Treatments

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Do you think professional fluoride treatments are just for children? No way! Though we do treat children with tooth-protecting fluoride at every visit, we suggest that adults get these treatments as well. Why? Fluoride, a naturally occurring element, not only helps protect teeth against decay and cavities, it helps to strengthen and remineralize everyone’s teeth! This is really important considering the toll life takes on your enamel. Everything from acidic foods and drinks like juice, sports drinks, and soda, to habits like nail biting, stress clenching, or chewing ice damages and compromises that precious protective coating.

Over time, teeth become more and more vulnerable to bacterial attacks, breakage, and even staining. And regular fluoride treatments not only protect against these attacks, but they can also reverse the damage! In fact, fluoride can sometimes heal tiny cavities and reduce adult root caries. If you haven’t had a fluoride treatment as an adult, or it is time for your kids to have a cleaning with an extra protective measure, schedule your fluoride treatment today. Your teeth will thank you!

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