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Dental Hygiene

South Bend - Michiana

Want to stay healthy? Looking for a way to protect your family’s well being for the long run? Then don’t neglect your dental hygiene visits! These visits are one of your most important tools for saving your teeth, keeping your gums in top shape, and making sure your mouth is as free of bacteria as possible. During these visits we:

  • Clean your teeth—even in the hard-to-reach places like between your teeth and around your molars—removing all the gunky plaque and tartar buildup you can’t reach at home
  • Clean under and around the gum line
  • Perform a comprehensive exam and oral cancer screening
  • Talk to you about your oral and overall health

All of our cleanings are performed using one of the most comfortable and effective ultrasonic cleaners, the Cavitron, to leaving your smile incredibly fresh and sparkling. Patients tell us the Cavitron offers one of the most enjoyable cleanings they have ever experienced, vibrating tartar and plaque away and leaving their smiles so bright and fresh they can’t help but smile on their way out the door.

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The Restorative Dentistry services at Joseph Cochran DDS can help reverse the effects that life has had on your oral health!