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The Wand

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Are you afraid of injections? Do you almost feel as if you’d rather have no dental work at all than face the Novocaine needle? Do you have kids who are terrified of needles? Let us introduce you to The Wand, an amazing, computer-activated, precision-metered, local-anesthetic injection system. It sounds complicated but it feels great!  How can that be?

The computer helps make sure that every drop of anesthetic is administered in precisely the right amounts at precisely the right speed. That means the medication goes in without stinging or pain. Plus, The Wand eliminates the use of the scary Novocaine syringe! That’s right—no more shots! The manufacturer has found that patient satisfaction increases by 100% when dentists use this method and our Michiana patients agree. Even the most sensitive kids or special-needs patients find dental visits much more relaxing with the use of The Wand for pain-free injections.

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