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Dental Implants

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Dentures can be miserable for some people. They pinch and slip, make talking difficult, and leave you longing for the foods you just can’t chew anymore. Plus, dentures can be extremely aging, giving your face a collapsed look. That’s primarily because, whenever a tooth is lost, the root is lost with it. Your tooth roots are what keep the bone they grow in stimulated and healthy, so without that stimulation, your bone begins a process called resorption—essentially bone shrinkage. As your bone is resorbed, your oral structure shrinks and your face collapses, leaving your dentures so uncomfortable, loose, and ill-fitting that no amount of gooey denture adhesive can keep them in pace.

Dr. Cochran offers Michiana a better solution: Dental Implants. Dental implants are absolutely the best way to replace missing teeth, whether you have lost just one tooth or all of them. Dental implants consist of titanium posts, surgically placed into your jaw bone to replace tooth roots and topped by your choice of prosthetics. Titanium is biocompatible and will fuse with your bone, offering unparalleled stability and bone stimulation. Once your posts have healed, we will place your custom-created prosthetics which could be anything from a porcelain crown or bridge to a full, implant-supported denture.

Because implants are a permanent tooth replacement, you can throw away all those tubes of yucky adhesive and get back to living and enjoying life, eating your favorite foods, speaking clearly and naturally, and smiling with complete confidence!

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