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Missing teeth can really be a bummer. Not having the teeth we depend on can not only affect you physically, leading to nutritional deficiencies, gum disease, and pain, it can also have grave effects on your social and emotional wellbeing. Even if you have your teeth replaced but your dentures are always slipping and pinching, you may feel more like staying at home and hiding than going out with friends or loved ones.

Here at Joseph Cochran, DDS,  we want our patients to feel balanced, healthy, and confident—even after they have lost some or all of their teeth—so we design our dentures to do more than just fill in the gaps where teeth are missing. Unlike denture-mill false teeth, our partials and dentures are individually made to fit your face and look like your own teeth, while also being designed to fit as securely and comfortably as possible. And if you want something even more like your own teeth, ask us about our implants and implant-retained dentures and partials for the ultimate in security and function.

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