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Meet the Dental Team

South Bend - Michiana

Corrine a.k.a “Corky”
Dental Hygienist

Corrine is a graduate of Indiana University Dental School in Indianapolis. She also obtained an M.S.A. from the University of Notre Dame. She’s been working in dentistry for several years and is a valuable part of our team. As a dental hygienist, Corrine takes great pride in getting to know her patients and helping them take care of their smiles. She says she decided to work in dentistry because there’s something fun about taking a challenging mouth and making it healthy again. She loves working with her patients and learning about their smile and life goals. If Corrine wasn’t involved in dentistry, she says she’d probably chosen a job where she gets to spend time outdoors. She is dependable, reliable, caring, interested in her patients’ lives, and dedicated to helping our office grow and thrive. In her spare time, she donates her time with the Red Cross’ Chapin Street Clinic, is a busy mother of seven kids, and likes being outside enjoying nature.

Dental Hygienist

Patricia is a graduate of Indiana University South Bend. She’s been working in dentistry since 1979 and has been a part of our team since 2009. One of the biggest reasons Patricia chose to be a dental hygienist is because she’s all about helping people. Dental hygienists do just that — making sure you’re taking the best possible care of your teeth outside and inside the office! If she wasn’t working in dentistry, Patricia says you might find her living in Miami enjoying delicious Cuban cuisine. Patients love Patricia because she’s motivated, caring, responsible, loyal, and in possession of a unique sense of humor. In fact, patients love her so much they even followed her from her previous dental hygienist position to our office. When she’s not working, Patricia is walking, doing yard work, tending her flowers, reading, cooking, going out to eat, or enjoying Lake Michigan. She’s also a proud momma to her rescue dog, Doc.

Office Manager

Carrie is a graduate of Indiana University South Bend with over 20 years of experience in dentistry and working in our office. Over time, Carrie has been the trusted teammate; we know we can all count on to take care of anything the office needs. Our patients love her because she’s got the knowledge and expertise to answer questions and help make their visits with us even more enjoyable and comfortable. Carrie says she wanted to work in dentistry because her father worked in the dental field. If she wasn’t working with us, she’d probably pursue a career that involves working with children. Carrie is honest, friendly, accountable, hardworking, and loyal. Outside of the office, she is usually spending time at the lake with her family, walking her two golden retrievers, watching her son play basketball and run track.

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Amberly has been working in dentistry since 2009 and has been a part of Dr. Cochran’s practice for just as long. She says she chose a career in dentistry because going to the dentist was always an enjoyable and pleasant experience growing up. Now she assists Dr. Cochran chairside, helping patients have the same positive dental experiences she was used to. What Amberly loves most about being a dental assistant is having the power to transform someone’s smile and watch them regain their confidence. She likes being part of a small private practice because it allows everyone to have close, meaningful relationships with patients. When you meet Amberly, you’ll find she’s honest, attentive to details, motivated, friendly, and hardworking. Amberly likes spending time with her family and fur babies outside of work and getting out on the golf course as much as possible.

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