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Cosmetic Dentistry at Joe Cochran DDS

Do your teeth look the way you want them to? Are they bright, even, and healthy enough to show off? Or are your teeth a source of embarrassment? If so, you may not be smiling enough, and, believe it or not, your smile is one of the very first things people notice about you. We can help. Cosmetic dentistry from Joe Cochran, DDS, can:

  • Repair chips, cracks, and breaks
  • Strengthen, lengthen, and correct your teeth
  • Whiten and brighten dull and discolored teeth
  • Close small gaps between your teeth
  • Straighten minor crookedness
  • Smooth jagged or irregular teeth
  • Bring even the most damaged and broken smile back to health and beauty

First Impressions Matter

Everyone has heard the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Unfortunately, everyone does it —it’s just human nature. In fact, most impressions are formed in the first 15 seconds of any interaction, and in that tiny amount of time, the thing most people notice is your appearance, particularly your smile. When you smile, you give the impression of being friendly, trustworthy, competent, confident, and—weirdly—thinner! The way your teeth look in that smile matter too: People with attractive teeth are usually judged to be more intelligent, educated, and healthy than people with dental issues and irregularities.

Smiling Improves Your Health

While a great smile can certainly help you make a good impression in crucial moments—landing that first date, acing the job interview, impressing your future in-laws, making your retirement speech—smiling is even more important for your health.

  • A healthy smile leads to a healthier body. It’s true! Infected teeth and gum disease have been linked to all kinds of health issues from systemic inflammation to strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. That’s why even our cosmetic dentistry focuses on health.
  • The act of smiling, even when you fake a smile, makes you feel good. It not only releases mood-boosting endorphins into your bloodstream, it also lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, reduces pain, reduces stress hormones, boosts your immune system, and even helps you live longer.
  • Smiling stimulates your brain and helps you think better, be more productive, think more creatively, and even improves your decision-making ability.

We love helping people all over the Michiana area reach their oral health goals!

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