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Gum Disease Treatment

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Do you know how healthy your gums are? Approximately 40% of all adults have chronic periodontal disease (Gum Disease), and there are many more who have not been diagnosed. This is serious business considering the effect gum disease can have, affecting things such as:

  • Pregnancy—women are up to seven times more likely to deliver early or have a low birth-weight baby
  • Joint replacement—bacteria from gum disease can travel through the bloodstream and settle in an artificial joint
  • Diabetes—may have an adverse effect on glycemic control in people with diabetes
  • Radiation therapy—increases the risk for oral complications during radiation. It is a good idea to look into gum care before treatment
  • Alzheimer’s—proven to increase the risk for dementia
  • Cancers—including blood cancers, lung cancers, pancreatic cancers, kidney cancers, and tongue cancer
  • Blood clots— increasing the risk for strokes and heart attacks

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Every study that is done seems to uncover more and more links between gum health and whole body health.

This is why the professional team at Joseph Cochran, DDS checks for even the smallest signs and symptoms of periodontal disease. If we discover that you have any level of gum infection, we will employ a combination of innovative technologies for treatment, including:

  • Ultrasonic scalers to painlessly deep clean using sound waves for effective and gentle scaling and root planing
  • Powerful antibiotics, such as Arrestin to kill bacteria under the gum line with microspheres that stay under the gums for up to 21 days

We will work with you until your gums are completely free of infection and your body protected from harm!

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